the notwist – vertigo dubs vol. 1: odd nosdam

ich freue mich schon auf den rest. smiley.

»Vertigo Dubs Vol.1: Odd Nosdam« is the first in a series of 10inches accompanying The Notwist’s current album »Vertigo Days«, and will present new versions of some of its tracks.
For this first volume, long-time collaborator Odd Nosdam drops a stripped-down and driving mix of the lead single »Ship«.
»Oh Sweet Fire«, on the other hand, was nearly rebuilt from scratch here: The song, which features Ben LaMar Gay in its original version, was not only remixed but also complemented by a brand new beat produced by JEL, as well as by some new vocal tracks, exclusively recorded by Saya of Tenniscoats.
»Vertigo Dubs Vol.1« is a continuation of The Notwist’s collective approach that led to »Vertigo Days«, while offering new access to the album’s songs.

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