D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L by panchiko

dieses luftig-fluffige schrammelpopkonglomerat erinnert nicht von ungefähr dann und wann sehr angenehm an die gloriosen tage von bran van 3000, ist es doch – wenn auch in anderer form – schon einmal vor rund zwanzig jahren erschienen und soll nun diesen herbst in überarbeiteter form nochmals veröffentlicht werden … schon jetzt kann man sich dieses ausgesprochen wundervolle album bei bandcamp für ganz schmale name your price herunterladen. einfach wundervoll.

What this album includes is the four remastered tracks from the first EP from 2000, „DEATHMETAL,“ the following three tracks which made up the 2001 EP „Kicking Cars,“ and the original data-rot tracks which were ripped by the 4chan user who initially discovered a copy of „DEATHMETAL“ back in 2016. It is a labor of love on Andy’s behalf, and after 20 years the music of Panchiko is finally seeing it’s first commercial release.

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Panchiko was a band that was active for a brief period of years during the dawn of the new millenium. They released two EPs, „DEATHMETAL“ in 2000 and „Kicking Cars“ in 2001, with no commercial outlet. CDs of the two EPs were passed around to friends and family and never saw the light of day until in 2016 when a 4chan user came across a copy of the „DEATHMETAL“ EP. He had picked it up from a thrift store and wondered if the /mu/ board had any information about Panchiko. The nature of the band never expanding beyond those in the know meant no documentation yet existed, and when the original poster provided a very poor rip of the CD, curiosity struck viewers of the thread. A dead-end was met, but the bandname and album was spread around, albeit with little to any notoriety, until in 2017 when my friend introduced me to the album after they had found it on YouTube. At the time the upload had 10 views and was an even poorer quality rip of the already destroyed audio due to compression. I tracked down the original rip and posted it myself to my now defunct channel which, at the time, had garnered a following of 10,000 people. That exposure lead to a much more long-lasting interest that grew over time, and when interest resurfaced to a greater extent during the sensationalism of „The Most Mysterious Song,“ followers of that and lost media in general inevitably came across Panchiko. It’s thanks to those fans who gathered on discord that they eventually tracked down the original bandmembers, and Andy- who now works as a sound engineer, has graciously taken the time to track down copies of the band’s projects and remaster them!